Machine unlearning – a new frontier

machine unlearning

Since there is so much talk about machine learning and ways it could be utilized, it is time to mention the exact opposite of it. We have mentioned so many times that the ML model is only as good as the data it was trained on. But what happens when that data is no longer […]

Data poisoning – an unexpected foe

data poisoning

Recently, there has been a big buzz around the downsides and negative effects of AI and ML. This has sparked the conversation on adversarial ML and adversarial attacks. Alongside the usual types of attacks, one type has stood out, especially in consideration of copyright infringement. Data poisoning has been making waves, and now people are […]

From continuous intelligence to composite AI – a mix for success

continuous intelligence

Leveraging business intelligence to make decisions has been the core of any company that somehow wants to utilize data. An approach to the ever-growing data volume has been to integrate BI systems into everyday operations. Which is perfectly fine and might work for some. The issues appear when data velocity becomes greater and data starts […]

The rise and impact of adversarial machine learning

adversarial machine learning

Getting into machine learning is all fine and well. And, yes, it’s something that has revolutionized businesses and started so many opportunities for better products and services. But, like with everything that brings good, there are threats to it. And in comes adversarial machine learning (AML), as a threat to machine learning and its outcomes. […]

Conversational analytics and everything you need to know about it

conversational analytics

With how the trends have been behaving lately, a lot of the spotlight was directed toward artificial intelligence and its capability to converse with humans. From AI-based chatbots and AI content generators to others, we have seen technology use available data to interact with others. But, it’s one thing to use data available through databases […]