The unmistakable need for datafication


Since the term big data started this big wave of everyone turning to data as a resource, many companies jumped on board. But it’s easy to utilize data when you can precisely point it out or quantify it. What happens with all the events that you previously couldn’t pinpoint? This is where datafication comes in.  […]

From continuous intelligence to composite AI – a mix for success

continuous intelligence

Leveraging business intelligence to make decisions has been the core of any company that somehow wants to utilize data. An approach to the ever-growing data volume has been to integrate BI systems into everyday operations. Which is perfectly fine and might work for some. The issues appear when data velocity becomes greater and data starts […]

Utilizing multimodal ML in a fast-shifting world

multimodal ML

AI and machine learning are both terms that we so freely use. But, what many do not understand is that there are so many sub-areas of these disciplines. And we use them all interchangeably, which would be misleading. ML, in itself, can be divided into supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement learning. Each one comes with […]

Data lineage – let’s talk what’s good about it

data lineage

Every piece of information or data goes through a journey from creation to final utilization. On this journey, you must keep points where something happened to that data. We often disregard all that is related to data by thinking that the information we got is as it is. After its utilization, you either forget about […]

Your unique journey, your unique premium: Custom Pricing Unveiled

custom pricing

Picture this: On one hand, we have a thrill-seeking adventurer, who embraces a life of adrenaline and excitement, constantly seeking new challenges to conquer. Their world is brimming with boundless energy, exploring the wilderness through activities like rock climbing, off-road biking, or bungee jumping. On the other hand, we have a detail-oriented accountant working in […]

Data veracity – why should you never forget about it

data veracity

Data, in itself, has many characteristics and challenges, especially in the world of big data. Those who utilize or collect data know about the hardships it brings. That’s why there are some widely known descriptions and parameters of data where certain characteristics are described for better management. One of the best examples are 5 V’s […]

Why should you focus on augmented data management

augmented data management

As time goes on and the volume of data rises, traditional data management processes aren’t enough. It gets more complicated and time-consuming to draw out valuable data, process it, and prepare it for other data-related tasks. But, with the development of AI, we see the possibilities of augmented data management.  Traditional approaches are falling somewhat […]

How to manage the pull of data gravity

data gravity

If you are an enterprise company or an entity that either generates or collects enormous amounts of data, then you must be familiar with the fact that the more data you have, the more you’ll add on. As soon as you recognize the value of data in your everyday operations, you will see that data […]

Machine learning for mood prediction of high school students

machine learning

With recent developments in the field of machine learning, collecting and analyzing data has become a crucial part of improving almost every industry in the world. This is why researchers from the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences in Zagreb approached us to determine to which degree state-of-the-art machine learning methods can predict the mood […]

Synthetic data generation and why is it becoming popular

synthetic data

No one can stress enough how data is one of the most valuable resources these days, not only in business but in our daily lives as well. But like the real world, data also isn’t perfect. It’s hard and costly to collect data, and it comes with its own set of shortcomings, not to mention […]