Data Assessment and Planning

We detect and identify weaknesses and opportunities for data utilization through the analysis of your current data systems.

What is Data Assessment and Planning

Data assessment and planning focus on the analysis of data that companies collect or generate daily. It implies a full identification of relevant data, weaknesses, and opportunities.

The goal of data assessment is to outline what needs to be improved in terms of data storage, structure, validation, and deduplication. The imperative is to find out what is necessary to implement for data to be used for some forms of analysis or data science projects. 

Many companies don’t realize the full potential of their data and what exactly they can get from it. Our approach delves deep into data to point out the possibilities that produce added business value. Data assessment precedes data science and data engineering and it is necessary that a company has all the prerequisites met before starting such projects. It means that companies need to have solid and quality data collection and management processes set in place.

What do you get?

Fully analyzed current data system

Input on what data could be used to improve business processes

Analysis of data storage, structure, and quality

Insights on your data’s potential

Advice and strategy on how to improve data collection processes

Enablement and insurance of regulatory compliances and governance

Assessment of current data’s usability in analysis or data science projects

Areas of expertise

Our focus in data systems analysis is to discover your data and how you manage it. We aim to determine what processes you use to get a hold of data and what can be improved to utilize it to its fullest potential. We advise on how to properly store, structure, and validate your data, and what procedures have to be adopted to start data science or data engineering projects.

By analyzing data sources and collected data, we assess its characteristics and quality. Here, the objective is to guide you in prioritizing data formats and structures that are most valuable and needed to realize your business goals. We make sure that your data is cleaned, deduplicated, free of noise, and properly governed. We also discover untapped potentials of your data that can bring positive and affluent results.

Why choose us?


Firstly, we get ourselves familiarized with your business and your industry to determine the starting point for data assessment.


We delve deep into your data collection processes to find out how and in which intensity is data pulled in.


We provide full support through each step to assure you that we keep your best interests in mind.


By learning your data’s potential, we advise you on how to properly discover, extract, and manage data to get desired results while ensuring regulatory compliances.


With data analysis, you will get recommendations on how to better the quality of data, how to properly store it, and what processes have to be adapted to maximize its full potential and accelerate insights.


Our assessment and planning cover giving insights on how to utilize data to your advantage to uplift your business to another level.

Data assessment and planning applications

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