Data Engineering

Through data engineering methods, we design and build systems to collect, transform and load data to prepare it for further analysis.

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is based on building data pipelines to extract information from different sources. It converts information into clean data to be used in further processes such as data science, data visualization, and business analytics. Our goal is to provide organized, standard data flow to enable data-driven models.

As data engineers, we develop, construct and maintain architectures to process data in alignment with business requirements. Our methodology involves gathering data requirements, maintaining metadata about data, ensuring security and governance for the data, storing data, and processing data for specific needs. All is done in communication with our clients and in line with their needs, so the result is accurate and specific data ready for future analysis and utilization.

Tech stack

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What do you get?

Elimination of bad data

Usage of relevant sources that bring the most value

Stable systems for data collection

A strong basis for further data usage and analysis

An optimal, precise, and solid system for data collection, flow, and storage

Admired by

Ryne Braun
Ryne BraunProduct Manager,
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Part of the client’s success is attributed to Digital Poirots consistent, on-the-dot delivery. The team mitigates delays by proactively communicating with subject matter experts. They also provide thorough reports that eliminate the need for lengthy back-and-forths.
Marin Kosović
Marin KosovićLead Data Scientist, Bellabeat
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Digital Poirots leads a precise execution, meeting the team’s requirements. They communicate effectively, establishing a seamless workflow. They were very prompt and precise in response. Their professionalism and expertise were impressive.

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