Data Science

We apply data science methods and procedures to organize and analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to draw out insights and metrics.

What is data science?

Data science uses scientific methods, algorithms, and processes to analyze data from multiple sources and communicate findings that drive business decisions. 

We take knowledge and insights from noisy, structured, and unstructured data and translate the results into solutions. 

Our processes include building complex algorithms to organize and systemize large amounts of information used to answer problems and provide a deep understanding of data.

By integrating machine learning methods the solution learns from data, identifies patterns, and recognizes future trends. It improves the solution with time and with more data intake so that it grows with you.

What do you get?

Fully analyzed data

A self-evolving part of the solution

Precise metrics and insights that drive decision-making

Recognition of future trends and patterns

Areas of expertise

Our focus in customer forecasting is to use the best machine learning models that can predict how your customers will behave, how certain segments of customers will move, and what are some future market movements. In production and processing, our methods use your data to predict input usage, which helps lower wastage rates, or to predict output quality and quantity, which helps optimize demand planning.

With customer data analysis we can define precise segments across multiple attributes and factors that can be used for retargeting and positioning. From more accurate customer segments, you can adapt and plan future sales and marketing tactics and strategies.

From user-generated data on smart wearables, our methods define new metrics or enhance existing ones to deliver accurate insights to users across apps and devices. The end result is improved user experience and satisfaction that drive positive brand and product awareness.

Our approach


We do initial interviews to find out about your needs and your goals. We then check the state of your databases, data warehouses, data pipelines, and automation processes to determine the best approach and define requirements.


We make sure to understand each requirement perfectly through detailed interviews. With data inspection and analysis we set realistic expectations for the next step of the project, the prototype and implementation phase.

Prototype Development

After the discovery phase, comes prototype development. With rapid development, fail fast approach, we invest minimum effort to get the maximum value to get a sense of possibilities, and to validate or reject assumptions from the discovery phase.


Based on the prototype, we improve our approach, set the infrastructure, and develop a full-scale solution that we integrate into the client’s system.

Why choose us?


Our first step is understanding your business and your industry. From there we pinpoint your problems and define your goals.


We suggest the best way to approach your objectives by doing an in-depth analysis of your data.


You get full support from start to finish with us making sure you fully understand each step.


We turn to tools, approaches, and models that bring the most ROI to your business.


We aim to maximize the full potential of your data to allow you to make decisions that bring the most value.


With our skillsets and experience, we make sure to deliver immaculate, precise, and stable results based on the usage of the most appropriate technology stack.

Tech stack

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Data science applications

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Ryne Braun
Ryne BraunProduct Manager,
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Part of the client’s success is attributed to Digital Poirots consistent, on-the-dot delivery. The team mitigates delays by proactively communicating with subject matter experts. They also provide thorough reports that eliminate the need for lengthy back-and-forths.
Marin Kosović
Marin KosovićLead Data Scientist, Bellabeat
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Digital Poirots leads a precise execution, meeting the team’s requirements. They communicate effectively, establishing a seamless workflow. They were very prompt and precise in response. Their professionalism and expertise were impressive.

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