Data visualization

We visually present your insights, metrics, and trends through comprehensive graphs, charts, or maps with data visualization solutions.

What is data visualization?

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data by using visual elements that represent trends, patterns, metrics, insight, and outliers. Our solutions transform information into a visual context that helps explain gathered data and provides an outlook on the industry, market, or company.

These solutions can help you spot errors, discrepancies, disruptions, or opportunities in your business processes or market through the visualization of analytics. Whether it is a custom data visualization tool or an existing tool, our approach is to deliver visual representation that will impact decision-making. 

What do you get?

Graphical visualization of analytics

Accessible overview of important metrics, insights, trends, and patterns

Data visualization and reporting in one place

Quicker patterns, trends, and errors identification

Areas of expertise

Through self-servicing dashboards, you can build them yourself based on the data we prepare. The results are quick and reliable data visualizations that are made to fit your business needs and objectives. They derive from the best possible visualization tools that turn your data into comprehensive and quality graphs, charts, or tables adaptable to users.

We provide reporting for your data. Easy, understandable, and focused reporting brings your insight and metrics closer to you and the people in your organization. By having data organized and structured in reports, instant access is available to everyone that needs to make the right timely decisions.

Dashboards include visualization techniques like:


Pie charts and stacked bar charts

Line graphs and area charts



Pie charts and stacked bar charts

Scatter plots

Line graphs and area charts

Heat maps

Tree maps


Scatter plots

Heat maps

Tree maps

Why choose us?


The first step is understanding your data and your data sources so we can align further processes with your objectives and needs.


We set the context to find out which data is important and how it relates to other data, metrics, or insights.


We turn to get to know the audience so the solution is directed at them and their needs.


You get full support from start to finish with us making sure you fully understand each step.


We use the appropriate tools and technology to bring the best visualization results for your data.


Our approach to data visualization focuses on bringing important and valuable data so you can convey it more effectively to your colleagues and decision-makers.

Tech stack


Data visualization applications

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Ryne Braun
Ryne BraunProduct Manager,
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Part of the client’s success is attributed to Digital Poirots consistent, on-the-dot delivery. The team mitigates delays by proactively communicating with subject matter experts. They also provide thorough reports that eliminate the need for lengthy back-and-forths.
Marin Kosović
Marin KosovićLead Data Scientist, Bellabeat
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Digital Poirots leads a precise execution, meeting the team’s requirements. They communicate effectively, establishing a seamless workflow. They were very prompt and precise in response. Their professionalism and expertise were impressive.

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