My Dairy Dashboard

My Dairy Dashboard

March 23, 2021

A cloud platform that connects and visualizes dairy data from multiple sources, which facilitates the detection of key trends and making better decisions faster.

Project details

Managing multiple farms can be a demanding job. Huge amounts of data are generated daily, and My Dairy Dashboard helps make the most out of it.

My Dairy Dashboard connects and visualizes dairy data to help producers and their advisors take the right actions faster.

My Dairy Dashboard is the go-to business intelligence software for some of the largest dairy farm companies and cooperatives in the global dairy industry.

Key Features

  • Aggregates, Connects, and Visualizes data from multiple sources
  • Tracks every aspect of dairy production
  • Automatically transforms key herd performance metrics into actionable information
  • Data sharing with Nutritionists, Veterinarians, Analysts, and Consultants
  • Print, Export, Alert, and Benchmark functionalities
  • 2017 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award


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