Cooperation with Bellabeat

Cooperation with Bellabeat

January 05, 2022

Cooperation with Bellabeat in fields of data science and data engineering

Cooperation details

Bellabeat is a company that develops wearables and accompanying products that monitor biometric and lifestyle data. Their products rely heavily on data generated by their users and that data is the basis for delivering complete customer value. Their devices and their application collect daily information from their users that track health and their behaviour, and based on that it provides insights and relevant metrics that help manage their life and habits.

A collaboration was formed between Bellabeat and Digital Poirots to increase customer value through a more efficient data analysis and to improve user experience based on data they are generating. Bellabeat products collect a lot of data that needs to be stored and together we managed to improve existing data collection and storage processes. Once collected and stored, data needs to be presented to users in a meaningful manner. Alongside Bellabeat experts, we improved existing and came up with new data processing algorithms that improved metrics that are displayed to users.

Presenting data to users

When your products and services generate huge amounts of information, data discovery and management become your top priority. By improving methods of data collection and storing, we managed to create a great starting point for Bellabeat’s further data exploitation. Recognising relevant and identifying bad data became the basis for upcoming data aggregation. Shaping data into relevant metrics and insights provided users with more accurate information about their habits and how to improve them.

User engagement

By managing data better, users ended up with more relevant and meaningful metrics. Having correct information at your fingertips means that users could use it to make decisions about their habits and everyday activities. Bellabeat application even suggests some actions, based on user data, that could enhance their lifestyle. The end values were more precise and insightful metrics with the main goal of increasing customer satisfaction.

Improved user experience

With more relevant and accurate insights, users can rely on Bellabeat products to accompany them throughout their day. With the usage of new algorithms and methods to measure data, clear and understandable results are being delivered to users. Their experience with these products became more satisfying. Identifying irregularities and deviations, while enhancing sensors, proved to be key in making the most out of wearables. Users could now access information that is more tailored to their habits and lifestyle. They could track their progress, get relevant results and make decisions based on data shown to them.

Improved and defined new metrics

Generated data could offer more than we thought. When not all of data was being utilized, an opportunity presented itself in creating new, more defined metrics that deliver additional value to the user. By including more data into the calculation of existing metrics, a certain level of accuracy and consistency was achieved. Metrics are now defined more by users’ every interaction with products and results are more refined. Reliability level was enhanced and certain trust in products was even more established.

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